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Every standard home inspection includes the following:

Every report includes helpful homebuyers links and articles, a general guide to life expectancy of all of your home's major components, a general repair cost estimate, a thorough home maintenance checklist and many more "extras"!!!


We are often asked, “What is a Certified, Pre-Owned Home?”

The bottom line is that a Certified, Pre-Owned Home sells faster. Having your home Certified can help to deliver a higher selling price in less time and with less hassle for you and the buyer. Buyers walk into a home with more confidence knowing that it has been certified by a licensed home inspector.

There are a lot of homes available for purchase. Having your home Certified sets it apart from the crowd by removing potential surprises that may delay closing. Having your home in the best possible condition for potential buyers will ensure that you make a solid first impression that will last in the buyer's mind and bring them back if they continue shopping.